Aquatic Pool Service & Maintenance is a service provider to make sure that your pools are clean and serviced for your own use.  The company came about in 2010 and is based in San Antonio, Texas.

James Banis is the owner of Aquatic Pool Service & Maintenance.  We specialize in personal and commercial services of all kinds which include weekly pool cleaning, water testing and periodic equipment checks.  We also offer equipment repairs and maintenance upon request and if we find something during the equipment checks.

Prior to opening this pool cleaning business, James Banis was foreman for B G Metals.  He has always wanted to open a pool business because of the up growing with his step father which has his own pool cleaning company in Corpus Christy.  James is the owner and is out in the field every day; hands on with all of the jobs.

This is what stands out from other pool companies to show that we meet your needs and have experience and commitment to quality.  We look forward to working with you and thank you for your interest in Aquatic Pool Service & Maintenance.